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Finance Diva is hiring work from home againtsMay 18th of this year (2012) marks the official one year anniversary of when I took my sole proprietor business to the next level by both becoming an Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) and by signing a Master Service Agreement (MSA) with Arise Virtual Solutions. This was both an exciting time and a somewhat scary time for me, as even though I had been working from home since 2003 I was a relative newbie with Arise. Before I made the jump I had researched the business for over 6 months, written a business plan, and decided I wanted to offer my LLC for other agents immediately after signing the MSA.

In June of 2011 Finance Diva LLC VSC became a Super VSC within Arise Virtual Solutions distinguishing ourselves as a leader within the organization and opening doors to allow us to grow as large as we want. We are still looking for people who want to work from home are willing to work hard, and who want to be rewarded for working from home and for working hard.

Arise Virtual Solutions contracts with Fortune 500 companies as clients (we can’t name names in public, due to a signed non-disclosure) to take inbound calls and inbound chats.  So, the Fortune 500 company hires Arise to recruit and train agents.  Arise turns around and partners with corporations across the United States to provide the agents who take the calls and the chats.  The corporations can either be one agent who is both the owner and the servicing agent (CSP); the corporation can accept other Customer Service Professionals (CSP) into the organization to work under the existing corporation. Finance Diva LLC does this; we allow agents to affiliate with our company as independent contractors and then chose their own client via Arise and set their own hours.

Steps to becoming a Customer Service Professional with Arise/Finance Diva LLC IBO:

  • Sign up to become a CSP; apply like a traditional job, but this isn’t a traditional job
    • Arise Application;  please use CSP 661803 as the person who referred you!
    • Screenshot of how the Arise Virtual Solutions referral section should look
  • Complete an automated Voice Assessment following the directions emailed to you – free.
  • Pay for and complete a Background Check $12.95 for all but 6 states.
    • California,  Colorado, Massachusetts, Nevada, South Dakota and Vermont which costs $29.95
    • Results typically in 2-5 business days regardless of which state.
  • Enroll in and pass CSP 101 (Regular cost $99.00; but goes on sale frequently)
    • You may contact Finance Diva  to see if CSP 101 is on sale.
    • You have 7 calendar days to complete and pass CSP 101 once you pay for it and begin the self-paced class.
  • Chose a client from the list of currently available opportunities
    • Opportunities change frequently
    • Chat clients are higher in demand and have a higher class cost
    • Each client has different requirements, class times (not self-paced), costs, pay rates, and hours available
    • CSPs who join under an existing IBO cannot see the pay rates directly on the Arise site; ask your IBO for pay scale
    • Each client opportunity has a class which is paid for and passed prior to being able to take calls/chats for the client

Arise Virtual Solutions and the CSP opportunity is just like 100% of work-at-home opportunities. It takes hard work and dedication. It is not something you can simply sign up for and then wait for it to happen; you have to work hard just like you would do in a traditional brick and mortar job. And most of the time; working from home is actually harder than a traditional job as you are still at-home and many of your friends and family will not understand why you can’t drop everything and go to lunch. The kids will take some time to learn what it means when you are ‘working’ and you will have to train yourself to ignore the laundry, dishes, mail, TV, or whatever during working hours.  Its challenging and it hard, but its definitely rewarding. I have been doing it since 2003.


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Nicole Rosen, Finance Diva, has helped her family "Do More With Less." by figuring out a system of best practices. Sometimes this involves understanding the fine print or maximizing a credit card rewards system. Nicole writes practical advice almost anyone can follow regarding Taxes, Credit, Credit Repair, Budgeting, Mortgages, and even Work From Home.


  1. I have pass the test for arise but I do not have the $100 CSP to pay is there anyway the price can be reduce I really want to work for arise but I not afford this payment.

    • Finance Diva says:

      Hi Danielle,

      CSP101 is actually on sale this week for $19.95. The sale lasts until Friday at Midnight….Us the Contact us form if you have any other questions as those come directly to our email. Thank you for the comment!

  2. Tonya Barganier says:

    What’s the cost of the CSP101 class as of 10/2/13?

  3. Brianna McKinney says:

    Hello Finance Diva,

    I just passed the CSP101 and I wanted to incorporate my business, however it is stating that the are not accepting businesses or CSPs from California? Is that true? When I researched this position I did not see that information, I even checked with the Arise Virtual Assistant and it does not list California as a non-approved state. However on the Self Incorporation Guide in the admissions process it says it is not accepting CSPs or incorporated entities from California. Do you have any information in this regard?

  4. Is CSP 101 on sale? Pricy..
    I”m not military or student.

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